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Hostels for students reflect corporate fitness in design and functionality, with separate infrastructure for men and women. The campus hostels are again an opportunity for cross integration of student learning with corporate life where the student is able to share knowledge and learn from his mentors the workplace competencies. We have separate hostels for men and women viz. KGiSL-Boys Hostel &KGiSL-Girls Hostel.

The following Rules are applicable to all the inmates of the hostel:

  • Admission into the Hostel is NOT a right but a privilege extended’ to facilitate peaceful studies in the campus, provided the student follows the rules and regulations of the Hostel.
  • At the time of admission and at the beginning of every academic year, each resident is required to submit a duly-filled-in ‘Hostel Admission’ form along with their full hostel fees. On completion of the academic year, the hostellers will be required to hand over their accommodation along with allocated furniture and electrical items, room and room keys to the respective Hostel Offices.
  • KGISL IIM Hostel campus is ragging free with Zero tolerance towards Ragging. Ragging in any form is punishable as per the guidelines of Hon’ble Supreme Court of India.
  • All hostel occupants should conduct themselves in a disciplined manner befitting the honour, and respectability of the institution and the profession.
  • The hostel should be considered an extension of the institution, and all residents must comply with the rules and regulations of the hostel.
  • The management retains the authority to terminate a student’s occupancy in the hostel for any intentional disobedience, violation, involvement in illegal activities, or any actions that go against the code of conduct, rules, and regulations of the institution and management.
  • KGISL IIM Hostel campus is a smoking free campus and any kind of smoking is strictly prohibited.
  • The management conducts regular meetings to improve the functioning and development of the hostel. Hostel Representatives are required to attend these meetings without fail, and their suggestions for improvements are highly encouraged.
  • Hostel Residents are required to get permission from the resident warden through a computerized E-Campus Management System as and when they want to go out of the campus.
  • The re-entry into the campus after 9 pm will not be permitted if you have obtained an out pass earlier in the day. Not adhering to this regulation will result in severe disciplinary measures, potentially leading to expulsion from the hostel. Plan your activities accordingly and ensure that you return before 9 pm if you have been granted an out pass.
  • Parents or authorized visitors of hostel residents are allowed to visit their wards in the lobby during the designated time, provided they have obtained permission from the hostel authorities.
  • Furthermore, please be aware that any violation of this policy will be taken seriously, and the matter will be intimated to your parents or guardians and College management.

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